4 Socket Polearm Diablo 2

4 Socket Polearm Diablo 24-Socket Polearms/Spears/Staves Ber • Mal • Ber • Ist Required Level: 63 Level 12 Conviction breaks the same immunities as the vanilla version (anything below 117% resistance) Phoenix 4-Socket Weapons - also see Phoenix (Shield) Vex • Vex • Lo • Jah Required Level: 65 Hand of Justice 4-Socket Weapons Sur • Cham • Amn • Lo Required. If you don’t find it before NM you can grab any polearm (except for the bardiche) you find on the floor before the monastery in NM and it will be 4 sockets from lazurk. Here's how it breaks down if you don't know. This formula will add up to 6 sockets to a weapon. It's an easy option for those who are looking to create one of those extremely popular 4-runes rune words in a polearm (due to it getting 4 sockets from Larzuk), but is generally omitted in favor of the Cryptic Axe whose requirements (strength, specifically) are easier to meet. Cube Recipe Socket Odds. Diablo 2 Resurrected Runewords are made by combing individual Runes to form a Runeword. IF you find a white polearm class somewhere near shenk it will give you 4 sockets with the socket quest! Silamon-1485September 27, 2021, 4:56am #8 You can use cube recipe to add more sockets to white items than difficulty normally allows as well, but it will be a random number of sockets unlike Larzuk quest. Again, the secret cow level on Normal is. To make an Obedience polearm in Diablo 2: Resurrected, you need to spell out the runeword ‘HelKoThulEthFal’ by adding a Hel rune, a Ko rune, a Thul rune, an Eth rune, and a Fal rune to a 5-socket polearm. 4 socket Polearms Spears. 4 Socket Polearms / Staves /Missile Weapons Level Requirement: 27 Modifiers After Each Kill Insight is a Runewords in Diablo 2. If you’re playing on Normal difficulty,