Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status Light

Honeywell Hot Water Heater Status LightCheck out the Honeywell water heater status light codes, descriptions and possible remedies. 8K Share 785K views 8 years ago Water Heater repair & maintenance Amazon does sell replacement parts if. That's why you should inspect these two elements first and repair or replace them to let the status light blink again. 7 Water Heater Install and Service AC Service Tech LLC DIY Gas Water Heater Repair - Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit - Status light not blinking The Hands On Channel 1K views 1 month ago. It involves every option internally. Again the damaged sensor causes your heater to overheat. To fix this water heater problem, you must replace the sensor. The pilot light on a Honeywell water heater won’t light when there is a problem with the thermopile unit controller. All the water heaters feature a status light which is used to know if the heater is working properly or not. A water heater status light is a flashing LED light on the gas control valve/thermostat located in the middle front, near the bottom of the water heater. I stopped visiting Peromin Automobile Services facilities as I cought them adding tab water in my radiator, sold me a wiper without clip and then refused to replace it, over charged. Five flashes indicate a temperature sensor failure 6). Honeywell water heater status light blinking 7 times in red color is the error indication of gas control or valve failure. Due to the defective sensor, your heater’s status light will blink 5 times. If the status light once will usually indicate ‘normal operation. The status light will be either green or red. The status light on my Honeywell hot water heater is blinking red in one second intervals.